Donation and Wish List


To defray the costs of attending festivals, sheet music, buses, and an accompanist, the JMS Choir Booster Board conducts fundraisers throughout the year.  Fundraising also helps us make some scholarships available, if needed. Can you help us support the arts and the joys of music?

Fundraising efforts start with the Back-to-School dinner,  then the students run a car wash, sell greenery and pies for the holidays, and host two pancake breakfasts.  We also have a concession stand at every concert. But all of this is not enough. We need the support of those that love the arts.

You can make a tax-deductible donation online:

or contact us at to make a direct donation by cash or check. If you make a donation, we will thank you publicly in our choir concert programs and on our website (unless you’d rather be anonymous–let us know!).

Donating online involves a 3 percent fee for the credit card company, so feel free to add that 3 percent onto your payment or donate by check instead.

Wish List

NoPo Kids Dentistry
Thanks to our Corporate Sponsor!
  • Sheet music
  • Robes
  • Accompanist

Would you like to help outfit the choir ? Your donations to the general choir support the purchase of sheet music for students, cost of buses and robes for the concert choir, maintenance and repairs for the piano and our accompanist.

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